List of Meat and Poultry companies in India

Al Aali Exports Pvt Ltd

Al Faheem Meatex Pvt Ltd

Amrit Hatcheries Pvt Ltd

Anand Hatcheries Pvt Ltd

Bhagyanagar Hatcheries Pvt Ltd

Bhairavnath Poultry Farms Pvt Ltd

Genesis Poultry Foods Pvt Ltd

HMA AGRO Industries Ltd

Indian Broiler Group

Keerthi Poultry & Foods Pvt Ltd

Keggfarms Pvt Ltd

Kumaran Poultry Farm

Lucky Charm Poultry Pvt Ltd

Mash Agro Foods Ltd

M K Overseas Pvt Ltd

Neospark Drugs And Chemicals Pvt Ltd

Ovo Farm Pvt Ltd

Prasuma Meat & Delicatessen

PSP Farms Pvt Ltd

Rana Farms And Foods Pvt Ltd

Sarkar Agro Poultries Pvt Ltd

Selvam Broilers Pvt Ltd

Simran Farms Ltd

SKM Egg Products Exports India Ltd

Skylark Foods Pvt Ltd

Sneha Farms Pvt Ltd

Sona Moti Agrotech Pvt Ltd

Sri Krishna Nutritions India Pvt Ltd

Suguna Foods Ltd

Varsha Fresh Meat Products Ltd

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