IARI develops hybrid variety of Maize which is rich in Vitamin A

Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) have developed a maize variety which is rich in both Vitamin A and essential amino acids through the process of plant breeding. Maize, one of the important foodgrain after wheat and rice, is grown throughout the year in India. Popularly known as corn, it is used to make food items such as chips, flakes and popcorn. The hybrid varieties of maize currently grown in India, though rich in essential amino acids – lysine and tryptophan – are poor in vitamin A. Now, a new hybrid variety of maize by crossing will have natural variations of three genes – beta-Carotene Hydroxylase, Lycopene-eta-Cyclase and Opaque2 – required for production of high amount of vitamin A and the two essential amino acids. The new hybrids, thus produced, have 4.5 folds more vitamin A content and similar amounts of lysine and tryptophan as earlier varieties.

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