List of Confectionery companies in India

Amber Nutrition Pvt Ltd

Auro Food Pvt Ltd

Dolphin Foods India Ltd

Ferrero India Pvt Ltd

G P Foods Pvt Ltd

G P Mangalani Foods Pvt Ltd

Harley Foods Pvt Ltd

Hershey India Pvt Ltd

K C Das Pvt Ltd

KMM Foods Pvt Ltd

Lotte India Corporation Ltd

Lotus Chocolate Co Ltd

Makson Group

Mars International India Pvt Ltd

Mondelez India Foods Pvt Ltd

Morton Confectionery & Milk Products Pvt Ltd

Naturell India Pvt Ltd

Naturo Food & Fruit Products Pvt Ltd

Nestle India Ltd

Perfett Van Melle Pvt Ltd

Rajhans Nutriments Pvt Ltd

The Campco Ltd

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