FSSAI includes mouth fresheners as food category under FoSCoS

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has included ‘mouth fresheners’ as food category in FoSCoS for the purpose of licensing and registration. The food authority has decided to create a sub-category under ‘Confectionary’ for ‘mouth fresheners’ to facilitate the licensing and registration of food businesses for these products.

In a new order, this will be an ‘interim measure’, in order to facilitate licensing/registration of these products in a specific category, it was decided to create a new sub-category under the food category ‘5.2 Confectionary’, as ‘mouth fresheners’ with classifications.

The classifications were made for dried fruits/vegetables/nut based mouth fresheners, spice based mouth fresheners and other traditional mouth fresheners.

The decision of creating a sub-category was taken after industry representatives had met with the FSSAI officials and made a representation regarding problems faced by them in getting licence for such products.

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