FSSAI regulates sodium content in milk

FSSAI has notified the sodium content in milk through its latest order. It has fixed the total sodium content at 55mg per 100g for milk and 650mg per 100g for milk powder. The revised standards include those for goat and sheep milk, and the sodium content in milk and milk powder, besides standards for new milk products like medium-fat channa or paneer, whey cheese and cheese in brine. The fat content and solids non-fat (SNF) content at for goat and sheep milk are fixed at three and nine m/m by percentile. Apart from sodium, the notification also prescribes the moisture content for channa and paneer at 65 per cent and 60 per cent, respectively, while for fat, the value by percentile is fixed at 50 for channa or paneer, between 15 and 50 for medium-fat channa or paneer and 15 for low-fat channa or paneer.

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